Who Is God Really?

What we believe about the nature of God is of infinite importance.

A true view of God will free and empower us to live like Jesus, but the converse is also true.

In this series, we will look at various characteristics of God to discover the answers to this big question, “who is God really?”

The 700 B.C. Series

Isaiah was a man who saw things ahead of his time. While little is known about his personal life, the book of Isaiah is one of the most important prophetic books in the Old Testament. Isaiah lived 700 years before the birth of Christ, and yet he had some of the most impactful, accurate prophecies about Jesus. In this 4-week series we look at four key chapters in this amazing book – snapshots from nearly three centuries ago – that still clearly speak to us today.


How do we change a nation and how do we change the nations of the world?

God has designed us to be Nation Changers.

In this three part series we look at how we’ve making a difference and how we can continue to do so.


Over the last 4 years we have preached a 6 week series each year around Easter time from the Gospel of Matthew.
This year we continue through Matthew with chapters 12 and 13.
We have changed the series name to The Red Letters because of the amount of ‘red letters’ in these chapters – Jesus’ words occupy most of the text.

The early disciples had the privilege of walking with Jesus. They recorded stories about Him so that people of all time would be able to know who Jesus really is.


God placed each of us on earth for five purposes:
To get to know and love Him 
To learn to love each other
To grow in becoming like Jesus 
To practice using our talents in serving God 
To share the good news with others
But this life of purpose that God intends for you is not meant to be lived alone. In fact, it is impossible to fulfill God’s five purposes for your life by yourself. We need each other! 


We believe that the local church is God’s way of letting the whole world know the incredibly good news about His son Jesus Christ. But this does not just happen, it requires our efforts, energy and engagement.

In this series we speak about the need for each person in the church to engage with their time, talents and treasure.


When we think of Christmas, our thoughts often first go to presents, food and family. For some, “busy” is the first thought that comes to mind; for others it may be loneliness.

In this three-part series titled “WOTALOTIGOT”, we discuss the realities of the festive season and compare the commercialized version of Christmas to what this season should really be about.


What if Jesus showed up to you in person one day and invited you to join Him in a life threatening adventure, just because? That’s exactly what happened to Peter one night, while he was sailing with his friends.

PHILIPPIANS: The Rebels guide to joy

Everyone is in the pursuit of happiness,  some people look to their friends and families to find it.

Some devote themselves to work or chase adventures. Some cling to food, money, new clothes or new gadgets to try make themselves happy but sometimes it feels like we can’t find happiness no matter where we look.

In this series we unpack what it means to live with true joy.

The life of david

Depicted as a valorous warrior of great renown, a poet, and musician credited for composing many of the psalms. David, is described as a man after God’s own heart, and many lesson can be learned through his story

Glory of God
The Glory of God is a big deal in Scripture. And it should be a big deal to us. What is the glory of God? How does one define it? In this series we look at what the Bible says about God’s glory and why is so important for us!