Where was god?

Orphaned and alone

Alleen Pain’s Story

Where was god?

depression almost lead to my death…

Ingrid Masson’s Story

Where was god?

My dad was killed…

Ambu Madilonga’s Story

A story of hope& healing

i was given up for adoption

Ashton Visser’s Story

A story of hope

my wife died of cancer

Zoog Heyns’ Story

the power of the word

i read the bible to prove it’s nonsense…and found jesus

James Visser’s Story

The power of prayer

we couldn’t conceive a child…

Juan & Chantel’s Story

The power of Invitation

i didn’t want to come to church…

Mark Moodie’s Story

A story of healing

I needed a heart-transplant…

Ron Greenway’s Story

A story of acceptance 

We lost our son to cancer. 

The Dales Family’s Story (2014)

A story of forgiveness 

my dad was a murderer & my mom a prostitute. 

Angelo Tauffman’s Story